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With the end of August heralding the start of September, my thoughts turn to the transitioning seasons. The night's are (dare I admit to it) already beginning to draw in and it won't be long before the lush colours of trees turn red and golden brown, gloriously announcing the change! 

This week I have felt pretty exhausted with one thing and another: work, planning, busy nights with the children. I don't really feel like doing a great deal this weekend and with Eddy now working away  from home for a few days, I am planning some cosy days of just pottering around the house and looking after the babies.

Earlier in the day I set myself up in a quiet spot to enjoy five minutes peace whilst the children were both napping. I was feeling a little down and so I decided to curl up and read a few of my favourite magazines and, as you can see from this empty mug, I enjoyed a lovely hot beverage with them!

It got me thinking about how much I use to enjoy making 'nests' with my older sister as a child. We would pile our duvets and blankets onto the floors and create 'nests' to snuggle in with our books and hot chocs. That love of being cosy and nestling down is something I so look forward to in autumn and winter. I guess I feel more justified in doing it when the weather is cold and glum outside!

Here's to making lots of nests in the last quarter of this year (I know- I can't believe I'm talking about the end of the year either!) Whilst I'm certainly not trying to wish away the last of the summer,  I am starting to look forward to cosy days, warm socks and copious amounts of hot chocolate!

Happy weekend lovelies!



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