Lovely little ones

I took some time outside with Jonah today in a bid to distract him from his sore gums- poor little poppet! In the last few days his second tooth has cut through and let me tell you, they are razor sharp! These small little milestones are shouting to me that my baby is growing up! 

Whilst I'm still breastfeeding, I think these new razor sharp teeth are going to be a bit of a problem...I won't go into details there but you can imagine what I'm getting at! Like most teething babes, Jonah has an insatiable desire to put things in his mouth and to knaw and chew on anything he can manage- not even the hydrangeas were safe today!

I'm so in love with my little boy and I'm always amazed at how different Noah and Jonah are as individuals. Whilst they do have plenty of similarities, as their mother I feel as if I look at them through different lenses. I just see their individual characters and all the colourful little contrasts and differences between them. Noah is my brave little prince who just wants to take on the world at full throttle every day- right from the moment he wakes! He is awakening new parenting roles within us, challenging us to love him by being his parents first and foremost. We are learning how best to respond to the different areas of his life that he depends on us for guidance and education. It's a steep learning curve for us but such a valuable one!

 Jonah is a mystery unfolding each day. His little character is growing and developing- telling us more about himself with every smile, coo and wriggle. He wants us to see it all and engage with every attempt he makes to communicate. I love it because his ernest little efforts are so directed towards us as his parents. His need and dependence on us is so beautiful and is echoed in my own heart. The sound of either of my children crying or calling out for me in distress is something I cannot bear to hear and not act upon. (That said, I've sometimes deliberated it during the 4am shift!) 

I've spent many an evening quietly lulling my boys to sleep and wondering who they will grow up to be. I try to imagine them as grown men and I ponder what they might end up doing with their lives. I always come back to the same train of thought though, which is that we, their parents, have such an important role to play in these early formative years. We and their Godparents have a lot of work to do: a lot of praying to do and a lot of guiding and nurturing to do!

I'm sure I will make mistakes along the way. I can already reel lists of them off by memory but I really do hope that when they look back on their childhoods, our boys will see how much we loved them. I want them to have happy memories of their home and of each other  and to know that they will always be our most precious treasures.


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