Pressing Apples with Garden Trading

I’ve been working with Garden Trading on a little project this month which has involved coming up with recipes for their apple press. It goes without saying that this press is a great idea for any cider fans wishing to try their hand at home brewed cider. I have found it really allows you to use large quantities of fruits in one go, quickly and efficiently making the most of the juices on offer.

My challenge was to come up with a variety of uses for this apple press which would demonstrate its versatility in the home and usefulness for making delicious, homemade juices the whole family can enjoy. 
Having never used one of these before, I was a little apprehensive  to begin with, not being sure about quantities of fruit needed and how much juice I would end up with. I also had no idea how to even use the press, so I had my husband help me set it up and show me the ropes.

Once we got going, I have to say it was really simple to press the apples and fun too! There is something very satisfying about using fresh ingredients to make your own juices and I liked the potential for variety that the press offered. We didn't just have to stick with apples!
We decided to be a little crazy one morning and got to work at 5am with pressing our fruits! I really wanted to use the press in the kitchen- the hub of the home as it does get very busy during the day and with the children to consider, we thought it would be easier to get up early and crack on with this shoot. We also planned a little promotional video to complement this post which I’ve linked to below!

To begin with, I pressed apples for fresh apple juice. I wanted to get a feel for the press and how economic the process really is. We chopped our apples and then blitzed them a little using a food processor. Doing this made them slightly softer for the wooden press to really get the most out of the fruit. It worked a treat and we found about 20 apples gave us a good litre of fresh juice. Right in time for breakfast too! I liked that the press was very consistent: our last batch of apples pressed just as well as our first and just as quickly too.

After having a play with various fruits, we soon realised that larger fruits have a greater usability in this kind of press. Whilst I thought it would be fun to use raspberries and strawberries, their size didn't work in our favour. We decided to stick with fruits that were chunkier and naturally held more juice.

The second recipe was a little more adventurous. We combined oranges, pineapples, lemons and limes to create a more tropical juice. I have to say I did prefer this version, it tasted amazing and had such a zingy, fresh flavour. I decanted the two pressed juices into glass Garden Trading bottles. Et Voila! Morning juice doesn’t get much fresher (or tastier) than this!

I have to say, whilst it might be more practical to whip out an electric juicer to make quick and healthy juices, I actually really enjoyed the process of juicing with a traditional apple press.
This style of press has been used for years and I think there is something really charming about employing a more traditional method of extracting juice. It is certainly a great choice if you intend to  make up large quantities of juices, hence why it is such a brilliant tool for cider brewers.
 I feel it doesn’t need to compete with the electronic market because it is so usable in its own right. There is definitely a place for this press in the domestic home and I am so thrilled we have one to make the most of this year's apple harvest with. 

I hope you enjoyed this post- it has been a lot of fun to put together! Eddy I also worked on a little promotional video (below) which we invite you to watch.

Love Bunty

*Whilst this is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed are representative of BuntyLiving.* 


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