Teething baby & Bickiepegs

It's a magical time when your baby begins to teethe for the first time...said no parent ever!
Jonah cut his first tooth about a week ago and the poor little guy is being a trooper about it, but he has had some real off days since. We were pretty lucky with Noah's teething phase as he coped amazingly well and I don't ever remember him losing sleep over it. 
One week in and Jonah bug is doing so well too, although, understandably he is quite clingy and fragile in his mood.

Babies are all so different aren't they? So far ours have been brilliant sleepers at night, but I can't, for the life of me, get my toddler to sit at the table and finish his meal! Trust me, hell hath no fury like a toddler who can't have his ice cream before his dinner!

I think when it comes to teething, my own experience thus far (and I am by no means an expert!) is  to use distraction techniques to your advantage. Whilst I don't like plying my babies with Calpol, sometimes it is such a reliable fail safe option and so we always keep it handy, especially for an ongoing discomfort like the teething phase. 

I can definitely tell when Jonah's gums are bothering him. In this last week his first tooth cut and has since risen slightly. I have found him constantly knawing on his little fists and trying to put anything he can grab into his mouth. Occasionally, he has knocked his mouth and really upset himself, obviously nudging his tender gums in the process.

When he is having a difficult few minutes, I try and really distract him with toys, colours, movements and sounds. He loves to watch what I'm doing and so just spending time together seems to soothe him  pretty well. I have also found using these Bickiepeg biscuits a great help as they really aid that desire  to chomp away at something without crumbling or breaking down. 

These are baby-safe biscuits, specifically designed for teething babies and they are brilliant! They come with handy strings so that you can tie them onto your baby's pram or pram belts, thus reducing any chance of swallowing. Jonah will happily grab hold of his and knaw away until he is content!

Whilst I am learning new tricks every day to keep him happy while his mouth is changing, these bickiepegs have been the best buy! They are interesting and stimulating, easy to hold because of their shape and they last a really long time too! I even tried biting one to see just how tough they were- Yep, just trust me on that one, they're hard enough!

Mamas I would love to hear your stories, advice and any tips you have on getting your little ones through the teething phases. Do share!

I hope you're all having a fab week!
Love Bunty


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