A trip to the zoo

Hello everyone! I know I have been fairly quiet on here in the last few weeks. I suppose things naturally slow down a little over summer to take advantage of opportunities we don't always have. For example, having the chance to get away on holiday was a real blessing- I hope you'll forgive my lack of blogging!

I am very much 'back' and ready to throw myself into this blogging business once more. There are plenty of exciting things on the horizons and I can't wait to share them with you! But first, I have been scrolling though our holiday album and thought I would share some photos with you. These ones are from our trip to Newquay Zoo during our week in Cornwall. We had such a blast, I say 'we' because I'm pretty sure Eddy and I were more excited than the kids at times! 

Noah got see penguins and lions, monkeys and lemurs amidst lots of other creatures and was completely taken by everything. I love seeing his natural curiosity take hold of him-he didn't want to sit in his pushchair at all. And if there was a barrier to hold back the crowds from getting too close to the animals, Noah absolutely had to have a go at scaling it! 

Yes, there were a few tears at time, (the last photo is testament to it all getting to be 'too much' for Noah!) But for the most part, we enjoyed a really lovely day together. 

I would also really recommend Newquay Zoo to anyone in the area. It's definitely on the small side but that actually was perfect for the shorter legs in our family! We could get around it fairly easily and there was plenty to engage the whole family. 

I hope you all have a great week,
Love Bunty


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