Clipboard calendar Inspiration!

I love how one conversation can spark a whole load of creative inspiration! That was how I felt after having a little chat with Bonnie from Bonnie and Bumble. I had spotted her beautiful homemade calendars from having a look at her stunning Instagram feed. We got talking and she explained how she had designed these desk calendars herself, printed them off and simply attached them to a clipboard!
I felt totally inspired! What a handy and beautiful way to quickly view the month at a glance!

Bonnie was so sweet to send me some examples of her homemade calendar and, after buying up a few clipboards, I decided to make some little calendar displays like hers for my home.
I bought a pack of five clipboards (here) and decided to get my Annie Sloan paints in on the fun. It has been a few weeks since I have even looked at these paints, so I was hankering to try my hand at some little project with them.

I decided to paint up a few of the boards in pretty pastel colours using Antoinette (the pink), Duck Egg (the green) and Louis blue (the blue.)  This probably took me all of fifteen minutes and, as these paints dry so quickly, I was able to set up my calendars really fast!

As I was putting the camera away, I began having lots of other ideas for using these clipboards. As we draw closer to winter and Advent in particular, I think it's safe to say we will be seeing a whole lot more of these on the blog!

I hope you're all having a lovely week!


P.S Don't forget to check out Bonnie & Bumble for some gorgeous little home accessories and decorative pieces!


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