Coastal walks & The Cornish dream

When I think of Cornwall, I often imagine those postcard picture scenes of beautiful hilly landscapes, beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see and equally stunning blue water. 
On one of our days in Cornwall last week, we happened upon the most beautiful coastal path that truly took our breath away. I can't explain how beautiful it was to stand at the top of these great cliffs and take in the sea air, all the while gazing down at the mushy waves and moving tides of the sea. 
Eddy and I were left speechless as we took a moment to look on as far as we could into the deep horizons. Honestly, I didn't want to leave our spot!

It was part of a coastal path that took us from our touring park where we were staying, all the way down to one of our favourite beaches; Watergate Bay. The children were so good and Noah particularly enjoyed riding on Daddy's shoulders and pointing out all the planes, boats, cows and surfers- He had a great time! I was carrying Jonah in his Bjorn and he equally enjoyed taking in all the colours, sounds and movements around him.

I have to say, I think this was one of my most treasured memories from our holiday. Just being outside together in the Cornish sunshine is balm for the soul! Eddy and I have a dream of living in Cornwall one day, next to the seaside. 
I spent many a summer as a child holidaying in my Uncle's home in Rush, Ireland. His home was literally on the beach front, as close as it could be to the sand. Since then, I have always had this desire to live on the sea front and I think Eddy's love of surfing and Cornwall has only heightened my longing to one day live in a similar spot!

I wanted to share some of our happy photos with you all. This was a really good day, the children were so happy, my husband was beaming ear to ear and I felt so at peace with the world. 
Until next time, Cornwall!


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