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When I think of what I like in a piece of fine jewellery or precious metal, it’s normally along the lines of understated and simple. Somehow, to me that translates as elegant, timeless and outside of fashion trends. I especially like the idea of simplicity carrying relevence forever. I know that’s how I feel when I look at my simple, gold wedding band. It holds the most significance and meaning to me above any other piece of jewellery I own, yet it is the most stripped down, aesthetically ‘bare’ item I own.

I couldn’t help but feel the same way when I first began chatting to Rebekah who runs her business, Lines and Current from Northern Ireland. Her stunning designs very much reflect a minimalistic approach with a really charming simplicity.

 ‘I like to think that when there is a sense of simplicity in our style, we’re not over-complicating things and it allows us to focus on things that matter. I'd like to be part of a 'slower' fashion model that goes against the fast-paced disposable fashion culture.’

(Photo courtesy of Lines and Current)

Rebekah’s words really challenged me to think about our ‘fast-paced’ culture and to rationalise our consumerist tendencies. Staying true to her ethos in wanting to give back, whilst taking an opportunity to educate on important causes; Lines and Current are also committed to giving a portion of all proceeds to charities.

Particularly poignant are Rebekah’s words which I feel, encompass the whole concept of her brand: “Lines & Current is a brand dedicated to WORKING HARD TO KEEP IT SIMPLE…"

This tribute is so applicable in day to day life, isn’t it? We work hard, we strive for excellence in whatever we do. Yet, at the end of the day, how many of us know that it is the simple things that truly matter most?

When I asked Rebekah what she loved most about the brand, she was quick to praise fellow artists whom she had had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with.

  "I also love that the business has given me the opportunity to roll with the entrepreneurial spirit inside me and I Love the social-minded aspect to my business model. Most of all, I am so grateful for the flexibility ​​being self-employed has given me as a mum.”

Rebekah was kind enough to collaborate with me in this blog post and I wanted to show you some examples of her work. I was particularly drawn towards her Jewellery collection which very much plays with the theme of water and the concept of following the current. 

 'Inspired by the flow of water and it's power to bring life, the jewellery line is delicate, cool and in touch with nature. With fine engravings & subtle ripple effect markings, Rebekah's designs are understated, minimal and connected to raw elements.’

This month Lines and Current are supporting Trekstock by giving 10% of all profits to the charity. Trekstock is a UK based charity set up to support young adults thriving through and beyond cancer. You can find out more about the charity on lines and Current's website (here

It has been a real pleasure working with Rebekah over the last few weeks. Lines and Current will be featuring in my Autumn/Winter lookbook which I am very excited to announce to you all. In the mean time, do head on over to Lines and Current's website to have a look at more of the stunning designs available. You can also keep up to date with Lines and Current on their Facebook and Instagram  pages and check out their new products coming soon!  

(Photo courtesy of Lines and Current)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love Bunty

*Whilst I have collaborated with Lines and Current in this post, all opinions expressed are authentic and representative of BuntyLiving. 


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