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Hello everyone! Amidst a very busy weekend of packing, doing what seemed like tonnes of laundry cycles and organising my lists for the family holiday, I wanted to take a breather to focus on a couple of things I will be bringing just for me. 
We are all so looking forward to this break and I am especially looking forward to not having any plans. Having nowhere to be but just 'going with the flow'. There will be time to read, to walk, to talk, to sleep and to just be.
Whilst ensuring we have packed all the toys, baby bits, toddler distractions, clothes, surfboards etc, I decided to give myself half and hour to put together a few things purely for myself. I thought I would share just a couple of my essentials with you.

One of the items I am bringing is Nicholas Spark's new Novel, The Longest Ride. He writes the most beautiful love stories and I am a total sucker for a romance novel. I think i've read every single one of his books, so I was really excited to pick this one up the other day. I plan to burn the late night oil with this book in one hand and a hot drink in the other, simply wiling away the evenings and enjoying the opportunity to read in peace.

Something about being in Cornwall always makes me want to channel my inner 'surfer girl' Haha! Ironic as I cant surf! But you know that oh so appealing golden tan, windswept hair, cosy hoodies and flip-flops kinda vibe? That's what i'm aiming for-minus endless bikini selfies! I love salty hair and glowing, sun kissed skin. My hair always bleaches in the sun so, with a little luck from the weather, I might not be too late to get my annual highlights this year. I will also be bringing my trusty concealer in my handbag- I plan to keep my makeup super minimal this week, it's mall about low maintenance for the holidays!

Hence the sunnies!
 With my sky-high hopes for hot sunshine, I will be bringing along my favourite sunnies-ya know, just in case!

Finally, I will be brining the iPad along as well. When Eddy and I initially were planning how we wanted to spend this week and where we wanted to visit, we both kept coming back to movie nights in the camper van with the boys, sipping on hot chocolate! Classic! We will have the iPad and mac computer to facilitate our movie evenings and I can't wait to snuggle down with the boys and just enjoy doing nothing!


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