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You know me, I’m always on the look out for what I call a little ‘life hack’: A simple way to meet a need which is both cost effective and easy! I think it's funny how sometimes going back to basics can guarantee the best results. In terms of skin, during the colder months mine does get quite dry, especially on my hands and feet! Over the years I have tried so many lotions and potions but before we delve further into September, I want to share with you a tried and tested trick which really does work well for keeping skin silky smooth and supple.

Having babies around means that I tend to have a full supply of baby bath products at any given time, but that does not necessarily mean they only get used by my littles! I find the Johnson’s baby oil exceptionally good stuff. When my skin feels particularly dry I will splash this all over my body as I get out of my bath or shower. The trick is to splash it over WET skin and massage it in. After gently patting myself dry with a towel, the results are instantaneous: silky soft skin which feels nourished and moisturised.

In the winter months, the constant changes from hot to cold, wet to dry can really take an effect on my skin but using oils seems to put a bit of a barrier against those effects, lessening the damage. I always use this oil now, at least once a day on wet skin and over the course of time I have found the results pretty dumbfounding. I would imagine this would be brilliant as part of a pregnancy skin routine as well. I used Bio oil religiously during my pregnancies, but it’s not cheap to keep on repurchasing. Baby oil is so soothing and I would imagine it would help the skin's natural elasticity, especially when going through rapid changes such as those associated with pregnancy.

Try it for yourselves ladies and let me know how you get on. As always, I would love to know your thoughts!

Love Bunty


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