Sister style & Western vibes

It's that time of year again when I start peering into my vacuum packed bags of autumn/winter clothing and pulling out pieces to layer on in the colder months. The tee shirts tend to get replaced by longer sleeves and the hemlines get longer too. My boots and coats get reshuffled to make it easier to grab them and the sandals slowly make their way into their 'summer shoe box'. This might sound like the epitome of organisation, but, regrettably, my wardrobe normally looks like my toddler has spend a good amount of time playing dress up in there! 

My little sister has an amazing wardrobe at the moment and as I was having a peruse through it the other day, we came up with an outfit together which we both loved for autumn. Is it wrong that I find the combination of check shirt and long skirt nodding towards a 'western chic' kinda vibe? Rose's skirt is from Zara and her shirt is from New Look and we've paired the outfit with a pair of my River Island ankle boots. 

Granted, Rosie is one of those ladies who will look marvellous in anything she wears, but I think this outfit is particularly gorgeous! I love the femininity of a longer skirt and the rolled back sleeves gives it a practical edge- perfect for picking the apples this month!

The natural outdoor light really emphasised the contrasting colours and made me love this look even more. It's good to find a happy meeting point for fashion and femininity. So often one or the other is compromised but I am all about bringing back the concept of dressing like a lady. 

Here are a few more photos from our shoot...

I hope you're all having a fab week,
Love Bunty


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