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I swear I am on a continuous mission to eat more healthily and cut back on refined sugars. The struggle is real! But it's very much ongoing in my overall goal of carving out a healthy lifestyle. No, I am not on a 'diet' strictly speaking and everyday is very different but I am always on the look out of ways to curb my sweet tooth and keep those cravings at bay!
I realise I'm sounding like i'm pregnant! Haha! But my love/hate relationship with sugar goes way back and this post is very general, and no- I'm currently not pregnant! 
I wanted to share a little discovery with you which has been helping me through the 3pm moment of weakness. I feel most susceptible to giving into sugar cravings in the mid afternoons so I have been trying to pre-empt them slightly. Normally a piece of fruit and cup of tea do the trick to take me through to dinner time. And this tea by Teapigs has been helping me loads! 

This is the Liquorice and peppermint tea and honestly, I found this to have a bit of an acquired taste. The sweet aftertaste of this tea is very strong. I didn't like it at first but gradually, I have found it kinda hits the spot! The other tea that I have been loving is the Pukka three mint tea. My in-laws inspired my discovery of this blend and I simply love it now! I particularly enjoy drinking it in the evenings at bedtime. Sipping this with a good book makes a really relaxing way to unwind from the day!

Are any of you guys experimental with your tea? What are your favourites?
Love Bunty

P.S Sorry about the lighting in these photos- I didn't have my photo lights set up and it was super gloomy outside!


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