Teething baby & Brunch day

Yesterday I had one of 'those' mornings. The well-meant kind with every intention of meticulously getting through a list of tasks and ticking them off one by one. However, we have had quite a tough week with a very upset teething baby. Poor Jonah has really been suffering these last few days (and nights!) We've been exhausted with not a great deal of sleep and after every effort of sitting down to catch up on blogging, I basically had to 'down tools' for the most part of the day to take care of him. 

Jonah's had a rough ride with his teething so far. I've noticed a bit of a pattern where, after a really 'bad' day, it seems a new tooth will cut through the following morning. That was the case again yesterday as his second top tooth had emerged when I checked this morning. 

Any parents who have watched their little ones go through this process will know it's not always plain sailing. Whilst Noah didn't really bat an eyelid with his teething, Jonah seems to be struggling a fair bit with his. He has been unconsolable at times and as a mother, it's so unpleasant to feel that helpless.

As you can imagine, I have been topping up our stock of Calpol and just about every teething distraction I can find! I have even  resorted to using a dummy for him to chew on- just to help ride out this phase! 
One tip for any parents in the same boat- Our boys both love knawing on chilled soft fruits and veggies. Cold watermelon and cucumber both work a treat to soothe sore gums. They're both so juicy and delicious! 

By 11am yesterday I managed to find five minutes to whip up a quick breakfast. We had a rough night before and were up early again with Jonah, so by mid morning I felt like taking a nap myself! I decided to treat myself to a tasty breakfast and make a bit of an event of it- well earned I felt!
I simply whipped up some fresh scrambled eggs and served them on hot toast with my hot lemon water and fresh OJ. I seasoned my eggs with pepper and drizzled HP sauce over the top! I kinda wish I had some fresh smoked salmon left in the fridge, alas we were out! But this was so tasty and really hit the spot!

Without being a 'Debbie Downie' (lol!) This week has been royally hard! I have found my patience has been tested which is horrible to admit to, but truthful all the same. However, we have a really nice date day planned for the weekend so I am looking forward to relaxing a bit and getting into a better frame of mind, ready for next week!

What are your favourite brunch recipes?
Love Bunty


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