Vibrant book covers

I love looking for ways to breathe a bit of life into used bits and pieces around the home. Whether that means simply painting a piece of furniture or having a change over of the displays at home, it’s really nice to get a little creative and just enjoy the pieces that make up your home.

 My dad was a classicist by profession and my parents' home is brimming with his books, some of which have been lovingly read to the point of serious wear and tear!

 I was having a look through one of my dad’s book cases the other day and felt inspired to revamp a few of his books. I remember reading a few of these back when I studied classics at college and uni and so for me, they hold a special value too. Whilst I don’t know what Homer would have made of me wrapping up his lyrical poem, The Odyssey in a floral design; I, for one, like it even better this way!

I decided to cover a select few of these books and, after doing so, thought these would make a really cute display, perhaps for a bedside table or living room. It’s a cute, simple and affordable way to inject colour into old books that deserve a little attention in their old age!

Just a little 'home inspo' I thought I would share with you as we move into the weekend!

Hope you all have a fab one!

Love Bunty


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