Welcome September!

I love the month of September for many reasons. My mother’s birthday is in a few days and two of my sisters have their birthdays this month as well. As you can imagine, growing up, September was always associated with celebrating.

I loved it too because it would always herald the new academic year: new school shoes would be bought alongside fresh notebooks, pens, pencil cases and stationary. I guess it just made me think about new starts, new goals and new ways to challenge myself.

Whilst we haven’t hit the school run quite yet with our children, I know it won’t be long before we are confined to the school terms, holidays and everything they encompass. In my mind, September marks the beginning of autumn where we can begin to look for signs that the seasons are changing over once more. 

I especially love the colours that come to play in nature during this time. The richness and vibrance of yellows, browns and golden tones that saturate the landscape and offer sweet relief from the heavy dull skies that often ensue.

I recently had a little look at my autumn wardrobe and picked up a couple of things to tide me over. I feel a bit between sizes at the moment and my clothes from this time last year are all maternity ones so I thought I better just get a few things to keep me going through the transitioning season.

I got this suede-look tee from New Look and I really love it. The colour screams autumn and really works well with denim. It’s really soft and cosy to wear too which makes it perfect for the slightly colder temperatures. My skirt is also new. It is by Oasis and I absolutely love it. I really like the ‘paperbag’ effect and the fact  it's super lightweight and comfy. This is an easy, transitional piece which works brilliantly with tights-not that I would have the confidence to wear this one bare legged!

I really like the colour combination of tan and denim blue together and I know I will be happy to outfit repeat my way through this season for sure! 

I hope you all have a wonderful month ahead. We have some really exciting things happening this month with a little family escape to Cornwall coming up and some new blogging collaborations to look forward to.
Can't wait to share it with you all,

Love Bunty

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