Who fancys a Kate Spade bag?!

Hello lovelies, today I am bringing you a very exciting little opportunity- to win these gorgeous accessories including a Kate Spade bag, for real!
I have been a huge fan of Kate Spade designs for a long time and this bag is no exception to that! 

I have teamed up with fourteen lovely ladies from across the pond- USA- to host this competition through our Instagram accounts. 
To enter is very simple. All you need to do is head on over to my Instagram page, look for this photo and read the instructions below it. The competition works as a loop where you will be guided through liking and following the fourteen other Instagram accounts till you loop back to mine, at which point you will have successfully entered.

The competition will run for two days at which point a winner will be selected at random- it could be you if you enter!

Not only is this a fabulous competition with a seriously worthwhile prize, but it also will introduce you to some really lovely ladies who have gorgeous IG accounts- full of pretty images and inspiring ideas. 

So there is a little treat to brighten up any gloomy Monday morning starts!

Have a fabulous week all!

Love Bunty


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