Autumn skincare

With the transition into autumn and winter, I have been having a little rethink about my skincare routine and have been really enjoying this one lately. Winter is such a wonderful time of year, but the colder weather tends to bring with it some less than desirable side-effects for my skin. Personally, that equates to particularly dry hands which are never nice!…Feel free to hit me up with any miracle hand cream suggestions!

I repurchased the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm which I did an original review about (here).(You can find all the details about this product in my dedicated post) but by heck, in the time between using this last and making a repurchase, I forgot how incredible it actually is! I use it to wash my face first thing in the morning and to cleanse my skin last thing at night. I also use it as an overnight mask once a week and this really works wonders. My skin feels so soothed, hydrated and soft and I don’t think I will be able to look back from this product again!

To clean my face I have been using this Soap and Glory pink face mitt. I spotted this recently after hearing good things about it and wanted to try it for myself. The gentle bristles really help lift away excess makeup and leave my face feeling thoroughly clean. I feel like it's akin to having a mini facial in the morning! The mitt is easy to use, very gentle on the skin and, at around £4, it’s pretty affordable too. I also love that it is super easy to keep clean. It obviously doesn’t have to go through the wash like flannels do so it can always be on hand when I need it!

After cleansing, I have been using this Simple eye cream. This is a nice, affordable little eye cream that helps refresh and revive tired eyes. I like to pop this on in the mornings before makeup and in the evenings before bed as an extra little bit of 'tlc' for my panda eyes! Sadly, my eyes never lie when they are over tired, so anything that will help keep them looking fresh and reduce puffiness at the same time is a firm winner as far as I am concerned!

After eye cream I use my moisturiser. This is a new purchase for me and it is the Vichy Aquaria Thermal face cream- Honestly, I feel this might as well be named 'hydration in a pot'. It's a truly indulgent face cream that feels lovely on the skin. 

My face always feels beautifully soft and hydrated after using this. (It also helps that the scent is utterly gorgeous too!) I swatched a bit in Boots last month and couldn’t resist buying it when I felt how silky it was against my hand. The consistency allows the cream to really sink into the skin quickly; which is ideal if you need to get your makeup on in a hurry. Another little pot of joy that ticks all the boxes! 

The last product I wanted to mention is this perfect skin refiner by Teoxane. I would say this is more of a 'skin treatment’ but since using it virtually everyday, I feel as thought my skin definitely looks fresher in general. I haven’t had any breakouts or awkward spots and the overall balance of my skin just seems really healthy at the moment. (Save for panda eyes- nothing's gonna make them budge!) Overall, this is a really nice little product and is very workable under makeup and moisturiser. I have been using mine in the evenings before bed and love it so far! 

Those are my skincare essentials that are very much in my day to day routine at the moment. 

I would love to know what your yours are, do feel free to leave a comment below and share your faves!

Love Bunty

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