Busy boy dungarees

Hello everyone! I'm posting from all the way up the country today as we are in Lincoln for a few days, staying with Eddy's parents and having a bit of time with the family.

I've been trying to take lots of photos of the kids each month to create a memory book as they grow up. Yesterday just so happened to provide a perfect opportunity to get some happy snaps of Noah running around the garden and enjoying himself in the beautiful sunshine we had. 

I love that his boyish curiosity always seems to shine through on every image, whether he is charging around with cars in hand, building rockets or pretending he is Buzz Lightyear with his favourite "To infinity and beyond" line. It amazes me the way his little character comes to life with every movement and sound he makes.

I have also been really enjoying putting him in dungarees these past few weeks. Having recently bought him a couple of pairs for the winter, I have been repeating the simple formula of dungarees and long sleeved tops pretty much every day since! Aside from how practical I find them to be, they're also very cute on little ones. 

 They are a perfect little outfit for a busy boy!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!?

Love Bunty


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