Instagram roundup!

Wow, another week, another month gone by! I mentioned on instagram the other day that I still feel like i'm only just getting used to the idea of it being October! I blinked and the year has vanished!
This week has also done bit of a disappearing act on us. Some lovely highlights have been Jonah's first 'real' crawling movements and Noah's hilarious 'lingo' developing.
He is a real character at the moment and i'm trying to savour each moment!

I bought Noah and Jonah these toy cameras from etsy and they have gone down a storm. Noah loves pretending to take photos with his. I was delightfully impressed with Vanarags (where I got these cameras from.) They're so beautifully designed! I also managed to (finally) get our Autumn/Winter lookbook finished, have you seen our video yet? 
 As much fun as it was putting it together, it's always a bit weird watching yourself on camera, hence why I have been cringing a bit!  Creating coherent Youtube videos and blog posts alongside them definitely provides us with new opportunities to be creative. I suppose our biggest desire is to just have fun with them and purpose to be original in carving our own identity with our online content.

All these photos represent little moments this past week which have brought with them the opportunity to be thankful and to appreciate all the ways we have been blessed. Be it as simple as a new makeup bag to hide my 'off limits to toddlers' bits, a family wander in the woods; or even five minutes peace to eat my porridge WITHOUT having to wear it, I know I have a lot to be grateful for!

I hope you all have a lovely week. What are you most thankful for in these past seven days? 

Love Bunty


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