Jonah's 7 month update

I realise I haven’t caught up with Jonah’s updates on here in a couple of months and totally regret it now as there have been so many changes! Jonah is actually almost 8 months old now but I wanted to touch base on some of his milestones over the summer, partly for any interested mums and dads out there and also for my own memory book.

One key change that I recognise since his 5 month update is that we have more of a routine laid down for him now. Like Noah was at his age, Jonah is a big morning napper. He starts his day pretty early (and far too early recently!)But by about 10am is he ready for a bottle of milk and a good nap, usually lasting at least an hour. It’s actually a nice space in the morning for me to focus on Noah and any other household bits and bobs that need doing. I try and stick on some laundry about then and generally get on with productive tasks…while I can!

The afternoons tend to be a little more hit and miss. Sometimes he will take another good nap and other times he totally refuses. I tend to serve Jonah his dinner (pureed vegetables) around 5pm as he starts to get Hangry! (Angry with hunger). His evening routine is getting pretty solid which is really nice for Eddy and I- We are slowly beginning to get a few hours to ourselves at the end of the day.
 The boys tend to share their evening baths at around 6.30pm. It’s nice for them to have that playtime together and it has also become a bit of a fixed family time. Eddy is normally taking a break from work by this point so we all come together and do the bedtime routine as a family. Noah goes to bed like a dream at 7pm but sometimes Jonah needs a little persuading! He will settle after a bottle of milk and then wake around 10pm for a wee cuddle before going back to sleep again.

The night time is still pretty hit and miss too. Jonah is not sleeping through and we are probably in the worst stage as I remember it with Noah. We know he is fed and changed but he still wants the comfort of being close to us and me in particular. It's sweet but exhausting too! I’m at the tail end of breastfeeding now having decided to ease it to a stop. Whilst I wish I could carry it on a bit longer, Jonah’s teeth are coming through thick and fast and his desire to chew everything is just not working out so well for me! We’re right in that transition where Jonah needs to learn to get through the night by himself- Small steps and a whole lotta wishful thinking!


His mobility has developed loads over the summer. He learnt to roll around and can now crawl! This has meant I need eyes at the back of my head constantly as he is a quick little mover and between Noah and him, it doesn’t take long for either one to find danger. But he happily crawls/commando crawls his way around the house now and knows where all the good toys are to be found. 

He's also chattering loads too. I love hearing babies babble away and it’s so lovely to hear the development of sounds he can make. It's quite remarkable to witness the progress from just crying, to the many varied noises he now uses to gain attention.

I think i’ve covered most of the key changes that have been going on over summer. Another little change has been that his previously dark hair has completely lightened into blonde! I don’t know if the summer weather had anything to do with it but I now have no idea what colour his hair will turn out! 
We shall see!

I hope you're all having a lovely week!



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