Little photographers

It's lovely to see Noah taking such a keen interest in photography and wanting to 'play cameras' with us. He knows where daddy keeps the 'grown up' cameras now and I have caught him a couple of times having a fiddle with them...much to Eddy's concern! 

It's little wonder that Noah has such an interest in cameras when he sees us using ours most days. Rather than constantly remind him he can't touch this piece of equipment or play with that lens,  I really wanted him to feel involved and find a 'child friendly' camera he could use to join in on the fun! At the end of the day, Noah is only two so I knew I wasn't going to be buying him a real camera any time soon!

Whilst mulling it over a couple of weeks ago, I came by the independent shop Vanarags via Etsy. It was such a happy coincidence as I discovered they hand make soft toy cameras and bags for little ones and even personalise them too!

I was completely amazed at how good they looked and how reasonably priced they were for handmade pieces. I decided to purchase Noah a little camera and bag for him to be able to join in on our family photo taking. 
 When I saw they could personalise the cameras and bags, I thought it would be a nice idea to get one for Jonah too. I love the idea that they will (hopefully) last until the boys grow up and serve as a reminder of happy childhood memories spent snapping away!

I love Etsy for how easy it is to find pieces that are individual and original. I particularly love shopping with independent businesses as the customer service is always superior and way more personal than the high street! Vanessa at Vanarags was extremely friendly and only too happy to answer any of my queries. I already have my eye on their gorgeous rocket cushion...I think i'll be back soon!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

Love Bunty


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