Raising Those Rascals

Hello everyone! Today I have a bit of a different post to bring your way. Blogger Charlotte Amor Valentine (The house that made me) and I are launching a campaign together. Using our blogs and social media, we want to support parents though the journey of raising their little ones. 

 Our collaboration all grew from growing frustration with the pressure to appear so idealistic in our blogs and social media accounts. We both acknowledge that not every day looks as ‘picture perfect’ as our kitchen table blooms appear to be. Life isn’t perfect and in learning to live out this truth, we both felt compelled to offer an insight into the less than picture perfect moments of our days. Ultimately, we want to offer a platform of support to other mothers and fathers out there who struggle as we do with the ups and downs of raising our families and to dispel any taboo that it isn’t perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed at times.

Being a wife and mother is the best thing I have ever done and it is by far the most rewarding. Yet in this world where imagery holds such power and influence, I feel a responsibility for portraying a realistic image of our life. Charlotte and I have both struggled from time to time with a sense of ‘keeping up’ with social media trends and popular ‘cliques' which can be so exhausting. Whilst I know these things are flawed, we really want to bring a clarity and transparency to the images we present. We want to inspire, motivate, support and befriend all of you lovely readers!


We have decided to launch a hashtag on our social media: #RaisingThoseRascals which, if you would like to be involved, we ask you to use when you post your images on social media. This is going to be the name and forefront of our campaign and we are so excited to see how it grows each day. We would love you to join in as it will really bring to life this platform where we can inspire and raise each other up.

 Each week, Charlotte and I will be posting on our blogs a little about how our week has been and sharing with your our high and low moments. We will also be looking through the hashtag and selecting our favourite images from you all to feature on our blogs. We hope this will become a really fun, supportive network of people encouraging each other and raising those rascals together!

 For the struggling Mama, the tired out Daddy, the parents who just want to know they are not alone in this- you are the reason we started this!
For the mums who look back on their children's early years and wish they could do them all over again, the fathers who now cherish their grandchildren- you are our inspiration!
For the parents who are thriving, who don’t always have it together but do their best to raise their rascals anyway- this is also for you!

We hope you join us on this journey together and we are so excited to share it with you! 

Lets begin Raising those rascals together!

Love Bunty


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