Winter essentials

I've really noticed the darkening evenings recently. By about three in the afternoon that dull haze seems to creep into the atmosphere and I feel myself conscious of the few hours of real daylight left. Normally at this time of day I will grab my camera to quickly chance any last photos I need before the light totally changes. Typical blogger!

Another side effect of the transition into Autumn and Winter is that I have found myself checking to see the time a lot more. Whilst during the summer months I find it really easy to 'guess' the time,  I've felt completely thrown in recent weeks as we are rapidly losing the light. 
I have never really worn a watch consistently but when I was in Next last week, I picked up a simple leather strap so that I didn't have to always have my phone on me. In all honesty, I have found myself wearing this more than I thought I would! I think it will definitely be a bit of a 'winter essential' in the coming months!

Speaking of winter essentials- hand cream is up there with the best of them! I picked up Zoella's recent release and I have been loving it! It has a really gentle scent which is so delicate and feminine. It isn't at all overpowering or offensive as some hand lotions can be- I love it!
One week in and I am already using this several times a day...Definitely one for the repurchase list!

Finally, when I think about my winter essentials, I always imagine a cosy spot to sit with a nice cup of tea and catch up on a homey magazine... Grandma has some lovely spots in her home where you can sneak a couple of minutes peace- (roll on nap time kiddies!) I love the way she uses faux fur throws to enhance her furniture with extra comfort and warmth. This little spot in front of the fire is absolutely a winter essential! 

What are your winter essentials?
Love Bunty


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