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Miniature bakes


A spoon full of sugar...

I sometimes find myself wondering why we can't all have a Mary Poppins in our lives. Seriously, that bag that can produce exactly what is needed, exactly when it's required- I need some of that! And how about clicking your fingers, sitting back and watching the beds make themselves, the toys tidy themselves away and the housework miraculously organise itself? I tell you, I'd certainly have much more time to gaze out of my kitchen windows and summon sweet little birds over to sit on my finger and sing along with me...Yep, I could definitely use some of that in my life!

However, the reality for me is that it's midnight and i'm finally tackling the laundry that has been begging me to sort it out all day. Today had just been one of those days and I don't even know where to begin with explaining how it's just vanished. The kids...and then the errands...and then the kids again! Mamas, you know what it's like. Did I mention a particularly mind numbing meeting with the bank? 

Anyway, I found this sign a few weeks back and thought twice about buying it. I dunno, I thought it might look a bit funny up on a wall in the house but actually, it has become a bit of a boost when my day is particularly full on. I feel Mary Poppins almost cheering me on as I scurry about, on with my tasks.
This definitely gives me a little extra spring in my step. No jokes, we have been singing all about a spoonful of sugar in our medicine this week! 
I'll save that cheery teething update for another time.

Happy weekend mamas!

Love Bunty



It's getting there!

I feel like we are finally beginning to get there in making this house a home. This week, I've been ploughing on with 'homing' the rest of our boxes of stuff and putting things away. Our snug/lounge area is beginning to look more finished (you might recognise the layout from our previous home) It was quite easy to replicate the look we had in our previous lounge as, thankfully, these pieces of furniture fit together pretty well.

This room has a large, open fireplace which is one of my favourite features of the whole house- it's honestly such a treat! One of our favourite things to do when the kids are in bed is to light the fire and sit closely enough to warm our toes, whilst watching a movie or just chatting.
 This room is super cosy and being so, I didn't want to over clutter it with 'stuff' that could live elsewhere. The more I think about it, the more minimal I think i'm becoming in my attempts to decorate. I don't know if that directly relates to the fact we're currently in a child-proofing season where less is definitely more though!

Regardless of how I might feel about other areas in the home, it's nice to have a place to relax in at the end of the day and just unwind. Eddy and I are trying to catch up with the most recent series of The Apprentice and so most evenings will see us meet in here to have a little series binge! Guilty!

What's your favourite spot in your home?

Love Bunty



New learning curves!

Mamas can I tell you one of my biggest learning curves since becoming a mum?
Well, i'm going to anyway! What is fast becoming my number one rule is to not be precious about material things. Whether that's a clean floor, tidy bathroom, organised wardrobe or polished shoes. Whether it's about keeping little fingers out of your precious possessions, stains off the carpet and keeping up with the general household tasks- don't be precious about it!

My days of striving to maintain a show home standard house are well and truly over. The mess is here to stay mamas and i'm slowly accepting that new reality!

Yesterday, Noah came up to me triumphantly holding my wedding jewellery- well, half of it anyway! Clearly the temptation to rifle through my 'off limits' jewellery box was all too much. My eyes widened with disbelief as I saw him smile at me, revealing one of my pearl earrings between his teeth!
Aside from the momentary panic of 'I can't believe these were within your reach and you nearly swallowed my pearls', I realised that this cheeky little boy's curiosity and interest in everything has no bounds, rendering nothing safe from his inquisitive little fingers!

These days my priorities are shifting and my energy is being spent in new areas. My constant focus with Noah is, number one, his wellbeing and safety. If you keep up with the blog, you'll realise we've had our fair share of run-ins with danger. And yes, I have sat up late into the night seriously contemplating a mammoth Amazon purchase of cotton wool reels.

But this is life with little boys and my deep cleaning schedules are currently being put on hold for the fun, the adventure, the training and the learning that my boys rely on me for.  
Time is stretched more and more with our growing family and so instead of stressing about limited hours to get everything done in the day, I am learning to prioritise my time and let go of the non-essential tasks.

I'm going to do a little 'toddler bedroom tour' soon to show you how I have made Noah's bedroom work for him. I have kept it very minimal and simple to create a safe and happy little den for him. It's easy to maintain and more importantly, it's a safe place for him to be when he is alone. More on that soon!

I hope you're all having a lovely week so far!



Raising Those Rascals

Hello again loves! It's been a funny old week for us. Jonah is teething again and the poor little guy has had a hard time coping with it. Mamas who have been through this, what’s your best approach? I find distraction is normally such a failsafe way to divert my little one’s attention, but even that doesn’t seem to be helping lately. There have been lots of tears and restless nights (from both of us!) and to be honest, I think we're all just feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired- very tired!

I recognise that sometimes it's got to be about stopping and just taking each hour as it comes with such young ones. This is so easy to type out, but it's also something I am particularly terrible at. I love making plans for my tomorrows and achieving them down to the last tee. What I’m not so good at is coping with disrupted plans and changing the day around at the last minute. I guess with two boys I will have to get over that OCD tendency of mine pretty sharpish.
As a result, I haven't really felt like my usual chirpy self this week. A classic combination of the above can really turn you (or certainly me) into an ogre! 

Thankfully, I do have a few nice things planned for the next week which i'm hoping will kick start a more positive metal approach. Now that we are settled, I'm really looking forward to achieving a better work/life balance and finding time to just be us. Sorry for the rambling stream of thought-this week has just challenged me and it's good to let off steam and just be real with you about it. 

Even though it can be easy to get caught up in self doubt, I am so aware that I am the only earthly mama my two monkeys have. They are my inspiration to dig deep sometimes and push through. They have a way of squashing my lack of confidence by their simple, innocent dependence on me. Their earnest efforts to please us as parents fills my heart with such joy and really helps me to channel my energy into being the best mother I can be.
Mamas, isn’t it amazing how much our little ones have to teach us about ourselves? How strong we are when we feel weak, how capable we are when we feel unable, how important we are when we lack confidence and how loved we are! They are such gifts!

So how has your week been? 
Once more my heart has been so warmed with yet more beautiful additions to the #RaisingThoseRascals hashtag. Charlotte and I are so enjoying seeing all of your posts and getting to watch snippets of the highs and lows of your week. We’re in this together mamas!

As I do every week, I have posted some of my favourite images from the last few days. Oh how lovely they are too! There are some truly special moments captured and it’s seriously cheered me up scrolling through and seeing beautiful little ones, especially the mischief makers!

Top left:@kayaaa_
Top right: @eviemurray32
Bottom left: @mum.to.3.boys
Bottom right: @mrspthefarmerswife
Top left: @lucyloves84
Top right: @charlenelouise
Bottom left: @willybob_daisyboo
Bottom right: @johnsonswithlove

Thank you so much for continuing to support this cause that Charlotte (The Home That Made Me) and I have created. This lovely community is growing each day and is already such a positive and inspiring group. 
Do keep sharing the hashtag ladies and have a wee look over at Charlotte’s blog to see the posts she has featured this week.

I wish you all a peaceful and happy week ahead,
Love Bunty



Escape to the country

It feels a bit of a novelty being able to light the fire in the evenings and cosy up next to the flickering flames. For me anyway, it is a real treat and joy to have a fire burning, slowly filling our home with the sound of crackling logs and emitting glorious warmth on these freezing cold nights. 

Welcome to the world of fireside accessories! I didn't realise we would need buckets for ash, wood, kindling, matches...you name it!:p

I have to say, it's nice to be able to switch off the telly on an evening and put our phones to the side, just being present and enjoying the here and now. I find just sitting and watching the flames dance is a great way to unwind and relax in true peace and quiet.

Having lived in bustling Birmingham as a student and then Portsmouth last year, I have definitely experienced 'city life' it all its vibrance and colour. But there is nothing like standing outside your front  porch, in the pitch black and being able to hear a pin drop. The peace and serenity all around us is one of my favourite things about living here. Don't get me wrong- I am still terrified of the dark-But i'm willing to put up with that in exchange for the joy we have found in this little country dwelling. 

I hope you've all had a great weekend!? Ours has been busy... to say the least! I'll fill you in with the details tomorrow in my Raising Those Rascals post!

Have a great rest of your Sunday everyone!
Love Bunty



Sweet scents

I've always had a bit of a thing for candles. I don't know what it is but I find them to be very calming and soothing- especially at this time of year. Even as I am typing this, our kitchen is lit with several dotted about, flickering and glowing away against the dimmed electric lights. 
The wind is howling outside and I can hear the pitter pattering of rain against the conservatory glass. It's a typical, 'country house in winter' scene: The fire in our snug is lit and I feel cosy and content just popping from room to room, tidying up after the children, straightening the surfaces and just enjoying the end of day quiet that descends as the children sleep upstairs.

I bought these two little candles to keep my (ever diminishing) supply up! They were £4 each from Tesco and they are the cutest, most beautifully scented little tins. For the most part, I keep one on my bedside table and the other downstairs in the kitchen. I especially love burning them when i'm pottering in my room getting ready for bed, and more recently around 3pm when the natural daylight begins to dwindle outside.

I'm so aware that these days it's not hard to spend a small fortune on candles. When exactly did 'designer candles' become a thing? Finding cheap, happy little flickering pots of light is good enough for me and I have to say, these are a great little bargain buy.

I thought you might like to take a peek at them when you're next in Tesco- they're so gorgeous!

Love Bunty


A welcoming spot!

Last week when we moved into the new house, I knew there was going to be lots to do: furniture to place, flat packs to erect and general organisation to oversee. Amidst the chaos, I wanted to take a moment to make the hallway a warm and welcoming space. It's the first thing you see as you enter through the front door and, being so, I wanted to create a relaxing and friendly spot to greet any visitors we might have.
Even though I know we still have lots to do, this space feels the most 'finished' and I suppose that itself signifies to me a sense of 'home' and the kind of permanence I have been craving.

We have this white IKEA chest of drawers which we bought for our old flat. Originally we used it as a decorative sideboard/ computer table. However, as we have now 'upsized' our home, we are fortunate enough to have a dedicated office space which effectively rendered the surface of this table redundant. I really wasn't sure initially where to place this and I deliberated about putting it in the spare bedroom, but later decided to use it to make a feature in the hallway. For the time being, I've popped our large mirror and a few decorative pieces I've collected over time on the surface.  

It's exciting to think about feeding in some Christmas decor as we draw closer towards Advent. I love soft, romantic textures and muted tones and I'm looking forward to playing with some of these themes for our Christmas decor in the coming weeks.

My pine cone wreath is from Wilkinson's which I bought the other day. It has a real rustic feel which is right up my street and again, muted tones are a style I tend to gravitate towards anyway. To be honest, I'd happily have this on display all year round!

I look forward to sharing more of our home with you as we get settled in. 

Have a lovely weekend everybody!




Winter baby style with Joules

I absolutely love getting my boys dressed in the morning. As a mummy, it's always a fun way to start the day; rifling through their baskets and wardrobes and coming up with something practical with just the right dose of 'cute' factor.

  To celebrate the launch of their new baby clothing and accessories line, Joules kindly asked me to put together an outfit for Jonah.
Well, as soon as I saw all the beautiful designs on their website, I knew I was going to struggle to whittle it down to a favourite outfit for him.
However, I have to admit whilst I was utterly spoilt for choice, this is probably Jonah's best outfit to date!

One of the things I love most about Joules baby clothing has to be their longevity and overall quality. Jonah has so many Joules hand me downs from Noah and I have always been incredibly impressed with the way each piece will keep its shape and wash beautifully, whether for the first or umpteenth time. We all know little boys require a whole lot of repeated laundering of clothes, which is why I trust buying from Joules- quite simply, they stand the test of time!

Joules have really excelled in coming up with some beautiful baby pieces for this season. The outfit Jonah is wearing here includes one of their baby christmas jumpers. This knitted beauty really is a gorgeous and versatile piece. The cute stripes and fox design go so easily with many of his other trousers and is becoming a firm favourite in our household. (Noah has taken a particular keen interest in this Mr. Fox!)

Now, I'm not one to shy away from a little colour and so when I spotted these gorgeous check baby trousers, I couldn't pass up the chance to bag them. Jonah has plenty of standard jeans already, so I was really excited to be able to try something a little different on him. And oh my, these are just lovely! Whilst they kinda have a pyjama look to them, trust me, they are so thick and cosy for the outdoors. With this pair, I feel Jonah is now prepared for just about any weather front this winter could throw our way.
 Jonah's daddy also has a really similar style which makes it all the more cute having a little miniature lookalike! 

I also teamed this outfit with a pair of christmas themed socks from Joules. Jonah doesn't really like wearing shoes but LOVES wearing socks (more for the joy of pulling them off if anything!) Joules have some gorgeous festive designs and these polar bear socks came from a pack of three which are so sweet. I think he seems to have noticed these socks for their vibrancy as he has been constantly tugging at them!

To complete this little look, I opted for a warm baby gilet over Jonah's jumper. In size 9-12 months, this is just adorably cute! Once again, I have been really happy with coats we have previously had from Joules, so I knew this would make another lovely little addition for Jonah. He doesn't like his arms being too restricted which actually makes a gilet the perfect option for him. It ensures he is kept nice and cosy in the colder temperatures.

I'm pretty excited about Joules winter baby clothes, dare I even admit that I'm more excited about the children's clothes than my own?
If you have a wee babe and you're on the hunt for some really quality, stunning designs for the winter, do take a peek over at the Joules website and feast your eyes! There are some lovely pieces there for boys and girls...and oh boy, I could get very carried away!

If you would like to see what Jonah has been wearing, just follow these links.

Have a lovely day all,

Disclaimer: Whilst this post is a collaborative effort, all opinions expressed are representative of Bunty Living.



Home is where the heart is

I always think it takes a certain amount of time to really feel 'at home' in a new house. Last thursday we spent the day lugging boxes and bags into various rooms and corners, gradually figuring out how to use each space. It takes a little while to disconnect from your previous residence and allow yourself to connect with somewhere new, unfamiliar and strange.
We're very lucky in that when we first came to view Pear Tree Cottage, we fell in love instantly. It was one of those rare properties upon where you step inside and straight away feel relaxed and at home. Ticking all the 'boxes' we had for our practical needs, we were excited at the prospect of turning this house into our home.

Having moved around a fair bit in the last few years, I have learnt something that I carry with me now and know to be true: Home is where the heart is. Without our loved ones, houses are literally just houses, they are skeletons which represent our family but aren't the complete truth.
 Last week, when we brought the children over to the house for the first time, just hearing Noah's excited pitter patter of feet running through the corridors really revealed this to be true to me. A house that is full of life, love and laughter is what makes a home. 

I hope to share more of our little corner with you as we gradually transform this house into our home. In the meantime, I am so thankful to have a little place in this world to reside in, to rest and to raise our family.

Love Bunty



Raising Those Rascals

First of all, a big sorry mamas-I didn't manage to post this yesterday as our internet was still down! We only had it turned on today so I am super behind...

 What a few days it has been! We finally moved and have been spending every waking hour settling in and making the skeleton of this house into our home. There’s always so much to do, isn’t there?!

Crazy as it is, I really do love this part of moving when you have a blank canvas and you allow yourself to dream up all the possible alterations, changes and decorating you envision making in time. It’s always an inspiring time thinking about how you're going to put your own ‘stamp' on each room. 

However, in the midst of all of this, finding time to get the camera out and photograph the children, or anything for that matter has proven almost impossible over these past days- Sorry! It has been chaos just getting a handle on what needs doing and unpacking around a toddler and nine month old! However, I have really enjoyed taking a moment’s pause to scroll through the #RaisingThoseRascals hashtag on Instagram. I love how you are all getting so involved and there have been some lovely images posted over the last week. 

 From getting your littles to paint their own poppies, putting together story theme baskets, and even a gorgeous bump shot from @kellymarie3 too, (how gorgeous is that by the way?!)there have been some wonderful ideas shared!

I also really enjoyed reading Charlottes post this week too. Where she writes about how little Elsa coloured in 'socks' on her feet and promptly showed them to Charlotte had me in stitches! What a monkey! (You can read all about Charlotte's week at The Home That Made Me, here.)

As always, I've shared a few of your images that really brought a smile to my face. I love that there are a mixture of some really tender, beautiful moments,along with some classic mischief thrown in! 

Top left: @louloubellexo
Top right: @rachelwill87
Bottom left: @islamay13
Bottom right: @emilycambrey

Top left:@castleviewcottage
Top right: @rachel.marilyn.reeder
Bottom left: @kerrymarie3
Bottom right: @blossomingcbud

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead mamas! I'm going to be spending mine focusing on settling the children in, sorting the house and ordering furniture. Somewhere in all this mix I need to think about hauling out the christmas decorations and beginning the shopping...well, I never claimed to be that organised!

Keep on posting your images ladies, you are changing the world mamas!

Love Bunty



Nars Copacabana

Last week Eddy and I took a little day trip to London go to the Laura Ashley press day. Afterwards we had time spare to just wander through the streets and enjoy a 'date day' sans les enfants!
We popped into Space NK where Eddy treated me to the Nars Copacabana illuminater. Boy, have I heard wonderful things about this! I've wanted to try this for about three years now but as we don't have a Nars counter close to home, i've never gone out of my way to purchase one.

This silky smooth illuminator has the creamiest, most lovely consistency that glides flawlessly over the skin. You can wear it in a variety of ways: mixed in with your liquid foundation, over the top of your foundation to highlight your face or even on its own to add a little dewy luminance to your natural complexion.
I've had mine for a week now and have been wearing it in different ways and so far I love it. It stays on the skin all day and really compliments my very 'English rose' complexion. I particularly like to wear it by mixing a small amount into my liquid foundation and applying it all over my face using a foundation brush. The result is a very fresh, dewy glow. 

The great thing about liquid illuminaters is that they can be worn without foundation. If you don't like foundation or prefer a slightly more natural look, just a touch of this on the tops of your cheekbones, brow bones and cupids bow, can really enhance the look of your natural skin. It's a beautiful little weapon against this dull, dreary weather but i'm sure it will also be a lovely summer makeup essential too!

If you're thinking about trying something similar, I would suggest The Body Shop's own radiant highlighter as a pretty decent dupe for this. I've actually used The Body Shop's version for years and still have a tube sitting in my makeup bag! I would honestly say that the Nars' one is a little more heavy duty and long wearing but it's easy enough to top up on the go, so I would highly recommend The Body Shop's as a cheaper alternative.

You can purchase the Nars illuminator in a variety of shades here
You can also check out The Body Shop's radiant highlighter here 

Are you a fan of Nars products?

Love Bunty


The calm before the crazy!

Today definitely feels like a strange limbo situation for us. I know we are about to delve into moving into our new home and tomorrow we will have tonnes to do, yet today feels like a real 'calm before the storm' limbo. I woke up full on energy and itching to get started, but obviously we don't get our keys or furniture back till tomorrow!

I have been dreaming about tomorrow coming for a long while now. All the adventure and fun that comes with making a house truly a home. There's something really satisfying and warming about finding your little corner on this earth to call 'home' and seeing your little ones settle and thrive as a result. 

With such great hopes for tomorrow, I am grateful that we are so privileged to have a home, to have work and to be able to make plans for our tomorrow. We are fortunate and blessed and I think it's good to take a moment to reflect on that. 

Eddy and I have always felt a responsibility to approach his career with charity towards others. In plain, where we have success, we feel it is only right to support others in need. As a result, I am on the look out for some new charitable causes that we can find out more about. If you know of any that are close to your heart, please do get in touch!

I hope you're all having a great week so far!

Love Bunty

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