A spoon full of sugar...

I sometimes find myself wondering why we can't all have a Mary Poppins in our lives. Seriously, that bag that can produce exactly what is needed, exactly when it's required- I need some of that! And how about clicking your fingers, sitting back and watching the beds make themselves, the toys tidy themselves away and the housework miraculously organise itself? I tell you, I'd certainly have much more time to gaze out of my kitchen windows and summon sweet little birds over to sit on my finger and sing along with me...Yep, I could definitely use some of that in my life!

However, the reality for me is that it's midnight and i'm finally tackling the laundry that has been begging me to sort it out all day. Today had just been one of those days and I don't even know where to begin with explaining how it's just vanished. The kids...and then the errands...and then the kids again! Mamas, you know what it's like. Did I mention a particularly mind numbing meeting with the bank? 

Anyway, I found this sign a few weeks back and thought twice about buying it. I dunno, I thought it might look a bit funny up on a wall in the house but actually, it has become a bit of a boost when my day is particularly full on. I feel Mary Poppins almost cheering me on as I scurry about, on with my tasks.
This definitely gives me a little extra spring in my step. No jokes, we have been singing all about a spoonful of sugar in our medicine this week! 
I'll save that cheery teething update for another time.

Happy weekend mamas!

Love Bunty


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