A welcoming spot!

Last week when we moved into the new house, I knew there was going to be lots to do: furniture to place, flat packs to erect and general organisation to oversee. Amidst the chaos, I wanted to take a moment to make the hallway a warm and welcoming space. It's the first thing you see as you enter through the front door and, being so, I wanted to create a relaxing and friendly spot to greet any visitors we might have.
Even though I know we still have lots to do, this space feels the most 'finished' and I suppose that itself signifies to me a sense of 'home' and the kind of permanence I have been craving.

We have this white IKEA chest of drawers which we bought for our old flat. Originally we used it as a decorative sideboard/ computer table. However, as we have now 'upsized' our home, we are fortunate enough to have a dedicated office space which effectively rendered the surface of this table redundant. I really wasn't sure initially where to place this and I deliberated about putting it in the spare bedroom, but later decided to use it to make a feature in the hallway. For the time being, I've popped our large mirror and a few decorative pieces I've collected over time on the surface.  

It's exciting to think about feeding in some Christmas decor as we draw closer towards Advent. I love soft, romantic textures and muted tones and I'm looking forward to playing with some of these themes for our Christmas decor in the coming weeks.

My pine cone wreath is from Wilkinson's which I bought the other day. It has a real rustic feel which is right up my street and again, muted tones are a style I tend to gravitate towards anyway. To be honest, I'd happily have this on display all year round!

I look forward to sharing more of our home with you as we get settled in. 

Have a lovely weekend everybody!



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