Daddy to the rescue!

Hello lovelies, just a quick post tonight. I feel tremendously blessed to have a husband who makes it his daily mission to support our little family, regardless of the cost. When things are looking glum, he has a way of making the best of situations and helping us to stay focused on the bigger picture.
Life can throw so many curveballs and it's not always easy to discern which direction we are heading but if I know one thing to be true, beginning each day with a thankful heart is vital to glimpsing  perspective when things seem hard.

Growing up, my father taught us to always begin our day first and foremost by thanking God for the gift of life. It's such a simple and overlooked prayer that echoes in each one of us. Whether religious or not, being grateful each day for having air in our lungs and another opportunity to do good in this world is a wonderful thing!

I'm grateful to my husband for reiterating to me the importance of continuing on and keeping focus on the bigger picture. I'm also so grateful to my dad for helping me to see the importance of the small details, just the fact that we wake up in the morning is enough to rejoice!

...A few little thoughts this evening,
Have a beautiful weekend all,


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