Home is where the heart is

I always think it takes a certain amount of time to really feel 'at home' in a new house. Last thursday we spent the day lugging boxes and bags into various rooms and corners, gradually figuring out how to use each space. It takes a little while to disconnect from your previous residence and allow yourself to connect with somewhere new, unfamiliar and strange.
We're very lucky in that when we first came to view Pear Tree Cottage, we fell in love instantly. It was one of those rare properties upon where you step inside and straight away feel relaxed and at home. Ticking all the 'boxes' we had for our practical needs, we were excited at the prospect of turning this house into our home.

Having moved around a fair bit in the last few years, I have learnt something that I carry with me now and know to be true: Home is where the heart is. Without our loved ones, houses are literally just houses, they are skeletons which represent our family but aren't the complete truth.
 Last week, when we brought the children over to the house for the first time, just hearing Noah's excited pitter patter of feet running through the corridors really revealed this to be true to me. A house that is full of life, love and laughter is what makes a home. 

I hope to share more of our little corner with you as we gradually transform this house into our home. In the meantime, I am so thankful to have a little place in this world to reside in, to rest and to raise our family.

Love Bunty


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