How does she have the time to blog?

One of the questions I get asked quite often is how on earth I find the time to blog between looking after the children, the home, my husband...you get where I'm coming from.
In short, the answer is, I don't! I rarely have dedicated, uninterrupted 'free time'. Free time itself is pretty non-existent in my life at the present time and so really anything I want to fit in (that isn't listed above), I do it AROUND and WITH the children, the house, the chores. 

Sometimes that means the effort of getting up half an hour before the children, often it means staying up too late to binge on blog writing for a particular week. In one sense I try to 'plan' my time to be more effective, but most of the time I take my days how they come and 99% of the time, I learn to juggle- of that, I am proficient!

The blog is something that has brought me a lot of personal enjoyment and satisfaction these past couple of years. It's a good outlet for my own pursuit of creativity and I suppose it has become a place for me to unwind and express my thoughts in a more concrete, visible way. 

 On a practical note, when it comes to photos, I will either shoot when my children are napping or else busy with some task. Failing that, as you can see from these 'behind the scenes' shots, the children will just get involved and 'help' me with whatever I'm doing. Naturally, what would take me on my own ten minutes tops, often gets turned into a much longer session- but that is my reality and real life. It's also a nice opportunity to share something I love with my children, especially Noah who has a growing appetite for learning. 
 I sometimes joke with Eddy about how much could be achieved in six, luxurious hours of peace and quiet. I'm sure I could write up a month's worth of posts in that time. But that's not my life right now and, as I have always sworn it to be true, the grass is not greener on the other side! Six hours without my loud, boisterous kiddos, what would I do with myself!? I love being a stay at home mother and my priority will always be my family, regardless of how exciting or fun the blog is to me.

I often have ideas for blog posts and will list them in a notebook for later, or, if the children are having a particularly long nap, I will seize the chance to sit at the table and get writing, listing, creating and photographing.
It's not always possible and sometimes I don't know myself when I will next find time to blog. But somehow there is always a moment here or there where I manage to squeeze one in!

I think the same can be said of any hobby really. As long as you keep your priorities in check, it's much easier to organise your time and enjoy your hobby more fully.

I hope that helps to answer that question! If you have any more for me, do feel free to get in touch and I will happily answer!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!
Love Bunty


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