It's getting there!

I feel like we are finally beginning to get there in making this house a home. This week, I've been ploughing on with 'homing' the rest of our boxes of stuff and putting things away. Our snug/lounge area is beginning to look more finished (you might recognise the layout from our previous home) It was quite easy to replicate the look we had in our previous lounge as, thankfully, these pieces of furniture fit together pretty well.

This room has a large, open fireplace which is one of my favourite features of the whole house- it's honestly such a treat! One of our favourite things to do when the kids are in bed is to light the fire and sit closely enough to warm our toes, whilst watching a movie or just chatting.
 This room is super cosy and being so, I didn't want to over clutter it with 'stuff' that could live elsewhere. The more I think about it, the more minimal I think i'm becoming in my attempts to decorate. I don't know if that directly relates to the fact we're currently in a child-proofing season where less is definitely more though!

Regardless of how I might feel about other areas in the home, it's nice to have a place to relax in at the end of the day and just unwind. Eddy and I are trying to catch up with the most recent series of The Apprentice and so most evenings will see us meet in here to have a little series binge! Guilty!

What's your favourite spot in your home?

Love Bunty


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