Miniature bakes

I’ve been hankering to do some baking all week and today as we had no particular plans, I decided to give the trusty Smeg mixer a little well deserved exercise.

As ever, at the mention of cake, I had my little helper on hand to test everything for me. Even after baking these and running to grab the camera, Noah couldn’t resist picking the berries off the tops and gobbling them down! Monkey!

Eddy’s favourite is a classic Victoria sponge so I decided to make these in miniature thinking the would make a nice little afternoon treat for the boys. 
 I simply made two standard sponges using a ratio of 6 eggs and their weights in flour, butter, sugar (a little less sugar actually!) and made my cakes up as normal. After the two cakes were baked and cooled, I took a medium sized round cookie cutter and cut little circles out from the two sponges. These made my miniature cakes which I sandwiched between dollops of whipped cream and strawberry jam!

These are so easy to make and rather yummy too. Just a little dusting of icing sugar and a decorative piece of fruit also adds a nice finishing touch- sorry, Noah got to mine before I could get a decent photo. 

Here's to a perfect end to the week!

I hope you've all had a great one too.


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