New learning curves!

Mamas can I tell you one of my biggest learning curves since becoming a mum?
Well, i'm going to anyway! What is fast becoming my number one rule is to not be precious about material things. Whether that's a clean floor, tidy bathroom, organised wardrobe or polished shoes. Whether it's about keeping little fingers out of your precious possessions, stains off the carpet and keeping up with the general household tasks- don't be precious about it!

My days of striving to maintain a show home standard house are well and truly over. The mess is here to stay mamas and i'm slowly accepting that new reality!

Yesterday, Noah came up to me triumphantly holding my wedding jewellery- well, half of it anyway! Clearly the temptation to rifle through my 'off limits' jewellery box was all too much. My eyes widened with disbelief as I saw him smile at me, revealing one of my pearl earrings between his teeth!
Aside from the momentary panic of 'I can't believe these were within your reach and you nearly swallowed my pearls', I realised that this cheeky little boy's curiosity and interest in everything has no bounds, rendering nothing safe from his inquisitive little fingers!

These days my priorities are shifting and my energy is being spent in new areas. My constant focus with Noah is, number one, his wellbeing and safety. If you keep up with the blog, you'll realise we've had our fair share of run-ins with danger. And yes, I have sat up late into the night seriously contemplating a mammoth Amazon purchase of cotton wool reels.

But this is life with little boys and my deep cleaning schedules are currently being put on hold for the fun, the adventure, the training and the learning that my boys rely on me for.  
Time is stretched more and more with our growing family and so instead of stressing about limited hours to get everything done in the day, I am learning to prioritise my time and let go of the non-essential tasks.

I'm going to do a little 'toddler bedroom tour' soon to show you how I have made Noah's bedroom work for him. I have kept it very minimal and simple to create a safe and happy little den for him. It's easy to maintain and more importantly, it's a safe place for him to be when he is alone. More on that soon!

I hope you're all having a lovely week so far!


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