Raising Those Rascals

First of all, a big sorry mamas-I didn't manage to post this yesterday as our internet was still down! We only had it turned on today so I am super behind...

 What a few days it has been! We finally moved and have been spending every waking hour settling in and making the skeleton of this house into our home. There’s always so much to do, isn’t there?!

Crazy as it is, I really do love this part of moving when you have a blank canvas and you allow yourself to dream up all the possible alterations, changes and decorating you envision making in time. It’s always an inspiring time thinking about how you're going to put your own ‘stamp' on each room. 

However, in the midst of all of this, finding time to get the camera out and photograph the children, or anything for that matter has proven almost impossible over these past days- Sorry! It has been chaos just getting a handle on what needs doing and unpacking around a toddler and nine month old! However, I have really enjoyed taking a moment’s pause to scroll through the #RaisingThoseRascals hashtag on Instagram. I love how you are all getting so involved and there have been some lovely images posted over the last week. 

 From getting your littles to paint their own poppies, putting together story theme baskets, and even a gorgeous bump shot from @kellymarie3 too, (how gorgeous is that by the way?!)there have been some wonderful ideas shared!

I also really enjoyed reading Charlottes post this week too. Where she writes about how little Elsa coloured in 'socks' on her feet and promptly showed them to Charlotte had me in stitches! What a monkey! (You can read all about Charlotte's week at The Home That Made Me, here.)

As always, I've shared a few of your images that really brought a smile to my face. I love that there are a mixture of some really tender, beautiful moments,along with some classic mischief thrown in! 

Top left: @louloubellexo
Top right: @rachelwill87
Bottom left: @islamay13
Bottom right: @emilycambrey

Top left:@castleviewcottage
Top right: @rachel.marilyn.reeder
Bottom left: @kerrymarie3
Bottom right: @blossomingcbud

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead mamas! I'm going to be spending mine focusing on settling the children in, sorting the house and ordering furniture. Somewhere in all this mix I need to think about hauling out the christmas decorations and beginning the shopping...well, I never claimed to be that organised!

Keep on posting your images ladies, you are changing the world mamas!

Love Bunty


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