Raising Those Rascals

Hello again loves! It's been a funny old week for us. Jonah is teething again and the poor little guy has had a hard time coping with it. Mamas who have been through this, what’s your best approach? I find distraction is normally such a failsafe way to divert my little one’s attention, but even that doesn’t seem to be helping lately. There have been lots of tears and restless nights (from both of us!) and to be honest, I think we're all just feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired- very tired!

I recognise that sometimes it's got to be about stopping and just taking each hour as it comes with such young ones. This is so easy to type out, but it's also something I am particularly terrible at. I love making plans for my tomorrows and achieving them down to the last tee. What I’m not so good at is coping with disrupted plans and changing the day around at the last minute. I guess with two boys I will have to get over that OCD tendency of mine pretty sharpish.
As a result, I haven't really felt like my usual chirpy self this week. A classic combination of the above can really turn you (or certainly me) into an ogre! 

Thankfully, I do have a few nice things planned for the next week which i'm hoping will kick start a more positive metal approach. Now that we are settled, I'm really looking forward to achieving a better work/life balance and finding time to just be us. Sorry for the rambling stream of thought-this week has just challenged me and it's good to let off steam and just be real with you about it. 

Even though it can be easy to get caught up in self doubt, I am so aware that I am the only earthly mama my two monkeys have. They are my inspiration to dig deep sometimes and push through. They have a way of squashing my lack of confidence by their simple, innocent dependence on me. Their earnest efforts to please us as parents fills my heart with such joy and really helps me to channel my energy into being the best mother I can be.
Mamas, isn’t it amazing how much our little ones have to teach us about ourselves? How strong we are when we feel weak, how capable we are when we feel unable, how important we are when we lack confidence and how loved we are! They are such gifts!

So how has your week been? 
Once more my heart has been so warmed with yet more beautiful additions to the #RaisingThoseRascals hashtag. Charlotte and I are so enjoying seeing all of your posts and getting to watch snippets of the highs and lows of your week. We’re in this together mamas!

As I do every week, I have posted some of my favourite images from the last few days. Oh how lovely they are too! There are some truly special moments captured and it’s seriously cheered me up scrolling through and seeing beautiful little ones, especially the mischief makers!

Top left:@kayaaa_
Top right: @eviemurray32
Bottom left: @mum.to.3.boys
Bottom right: @mrspthefarmerswife
Top left: @lucyloves84
Top right: @charlenelouise
Bottom left: @willybob_daisyboo
Bottom right: @johnsonswithlove

Thank you so much for continuing to support this cause that Charlotte (The Home That Made Me) and I have created. This lovely community is growing each day and is already such a positive and inspiring group. 
Do keep sharing the hashtag ladies and have a wee look over at Charlotte’s blog to see the posts she has featured this week.

I wish you all a peaceful and happy week ahead,
Love Bunty


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