Style on a shoe string

Eddy and I have never really been 'five year plan' people. Our natural tendency has always been to resist categorising and planning our lives away as we always trust in the way God surprises us- quite often at the last minute.
However, little did we dream that we would become responsible for a business that has grown and evolved, impacting our family unit in ways we could never have foreseen. The weight of knowing that our security hangs on this developing company has brought dreams to reality... and many late night buckets of tears too!

Learning to trust that the grass is not greener has been a big lesson for us. Whilst being your own boss might sound like a blissful way to navigate your career, it is definitely not the easier path to take. Over the past five years, I have watched Eddy strive forward past each knock back, knowing more often than not everything is 'on the line' this time.

We feel God has met us in our attempts to trust Him and are so thankful to see great developments afoot. 
One of the ways I am trying to support our vision is to look for ways where we can save money as we go along. Finding deals, offers and duplicates has become a bit of a thing for me and I have found satisfaction in saving those extra pennies here and there. Whether we can reinvest them, save them for our house deposit or a rainy day, it's good to feel pro-active in supporting our dreams- most especially when the temptation to splurge on that new jacket or beautiful pair of boots is turning your head!

One example for me was when I saw how popular glittery shoes had become over the past couple of months. A lot of the highstreet shops have been creating their versions and I had found myself craving to buy some for weeks! I held off though as I didn't 'need' them, I just liked to kid myself that I did. It seems my waiting paid off though as I found these high street dupes in Tesco recently and they just so happened to be my size and £4 in the sale.
Finding them felt like a bit of a reward for sticking to my guns with unnecessary outgoings. I tell you, it isn't easy when temptation is everywhere! 

There is a great lie that says your value is defined by your wallet, your material possessions and your social status. Have you ever stopped to wonder how this is being fuelled and driven forward by companies everywhere, who want you to believe that this new bag or shoe will make you a better version of yourself? 

I'm not preaching because I am a good example of resisting the urge to treat myself here and there. However, I am switched on to the pressure that is all around us, compelling us to believe we will be happy when we attain some material item. It never stops though does it? And that little purchase is never enough to satisfy us for long, is it? 

I read a quote recently that said 'Some people are so poor, all they have is money' and it really resonated with me. There is so much more to life than material wealth!
 One of our biggest goals with our business, after supporting our sons, has always been to be able to bless our wider family in the areas needed. Beyond that, we would love to support our communities, friends and the suffering.

In moments where that has already been possible, it has been more deeply rewarding and impacting on us than any shoe, bag or hat could ever hope to be.

So we strive forward and continue this journey!

I wish you all a beautiful weekend,
Love Bunty


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