Teething baby- second time around

I’ve posted on the topic of teething in the past (I know i’ve mentioned it countless times with Noah), but I think after Noah made it through the other side of teething, I kind of forgot to expect it with Jonah! 
Poor little pudding is doing really well but it’s not an easy transition for any baby and it can make life hard for them.

As far as I can tell, Jonah has six teeth in total with plenty more on the way. His pattern seems to be that when he has a really ‘off’ day, i.e really teary and particularly clingy, a tooth will appear the following morning. It seems that the worst bit is right before the tooth cuts, which makes sense when you see how sharp they are when they do come through- poor little ones!

Jonah is definitely one strong cookie but he also thinks I’m the best teether money can't buy! He’s got into a habit of latching onto me, be it my shoulder, arm, neck or face (he’s not fussy where)and having a good old bite… Finding distractions and alternative teething toys has become a bit of a mission of late.

Speaking of distraction, I find channeling Jonah’s attention elsewhere to be one of the most effective ways to get through a bad spout. It normally works really well to avoid a meltdown or more tears. Babies love stimulation and being able to concentrate on something that fascinates him really help my boy overcome the irritation of sore gums. 

There’s no text book with teething. Some babies really suffer and others don’t seem phased at all. As with all these things, working out what your baby needs will become a great comfort to both of you. 

For any mamas who have teething babies, what would be your best advice?!

Love Bunty


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