The calm before the crazy!

Today definitely feels like a strange limbo situation for us. I know we are about to delve into moving into our new home and tomorrow we will have tonnes to do, yet today feels like a real 'calm before the storm' limbo. I woke up full on energy and itching to get started, but obviously we don't get our keys or furniture back till tomorrow!

I have been dreaming about tomorrow coming for a long while now. All the adventure and fun that comes with making a house truly a home. There's something really satisfying and warming about finding your little corner on this earth to call 'home' and seeing your little ones settle and thrive as a result. 

With such great hopes for tomorrow, I am grateful that we are so privileged to have a home, to have work and to be able to make plans for our tomorrow. We are fortunate and blessed and I think it's good to take a moment to reflect on that. 

Eddy and I have always felt a responsibility to approach his career with charity towards others. In plain, where we have success, we feel it is only right to support others in need. As a result, I am on the look out for some new charitable causes that we can find out more about. If you know of any that are close to your heart, please do get in touch!

I hope you're all having a great week so far!

Love Bunty


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