The double braid

I thought I would share with you a hairstyle that I have been gravitating towards recently.
I'm terribly impatient with my mop and usually don't spend more than a few minutes making it look presentable in some form on a morning. On those occasions when it is particularly resembling a haystack, I like to fall back on this style as it totally conceals crazy untamed hair!
To create this look I part my hair down the centre and divide it into four sections, tying the excess behind for a moment. I then french plait the frontmost sections on each side and secure them with clear elastic bands. Then I do a normal plait for the two sections behind the french plaits, securing these with clear elastic bands again.
With all four plaits complete, I simply scoop them together at the back of my head and secure with a grip. This is such a handy look, especially when you just want your hair out of your face. I often plait my hair this way when photographing products as it ensures no loose fly-aways photobombing the shots when I'm shooting towards the ground!

What are your favourite hair styles?

Happy Sunday everyone,
Love Bunty


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