Winter baby style with Joules

I absolutely love getting my boys dressed in the morning. As a mummy, it's always a fun way to start the day; rifling through their baskets and wardrobes and coming up with something practical with just the right dose of 'cute' factor.

  To celebrate the launch of their new baby clothing and accessories line, Joules kindly asked me to put together an outfit for Jonah.
Well, as soon as I saw all the beautiful designs on their website, I knew I was going to struggle to whittle it down to a favourite outfit for him.
However, I have to admit whilst I was utterly spoilt for choice, this is probably Jonah's best outfit to date!

One of the things I love most about Joules baby clothing has to be their longevity and overall quality. Jonah has so many Joules hand me downs from Noah and I have always been incredibly impressed with the way each piece will keep its shape and wash beautifully, whether for the first or umpteenth time. We all know little boys require a whole lot of repeated laundering of clothes, which is why I trust buying from Joules- quite simply, they stand the test of time!

Joules have really excelled in coming up with some beautiful baby pieces for this season. The outfit Jonah is wearing here includes one of their baby christmas jumpers. This knitted beauty really is a gorgeous and versatile piece. The cute stripes and fox design go so easily with many of his other trousers and is becoming a firm favourite in our household. (Noah has taken a particular keen interest in this Mr. Fox!)

Now, I'm not one to shy away from a little colour and so when I spotted these gorgeous check baby trousers, I couldn't pass up the chance to bag them. Jonah has plenty of standard jeans already, so I was really excited to be able to try something a little different on him. And oh my, these are just lovely! Whilst they kinda have a pyjama look to them, trust me, they are so thick and cosy for the outdoors. With this pair, I feel Jonah is now prepared for just about any weather front this winter could throw our way.
 Jonah's daddy also has a really similar style which makes it all the more cute having a little miniature lookalike! 

I also teamed this outfit with a pair of christmas themed socks from Joules. Jonah doesn't really like wearing shoes but LOVES wearing socks (more for the joy of pulling them off if anything!) Joules have some gorgeous festive designs and these polar bear socks came from a pack of three which are so sweet. I think he seems to have noticed these socks for their vibrancy as he has been constantly tugging at them!

To complete this little look, I opted for a warm baby gilet over Jonah's jumper. In size 9-12 months, this is just adorably cute! Once again, I have been really happy with coats we have previously had from Joules, so I knew this would make another lovely little addition for Jonah. He doesn't like his arms being too restricted which actually makes a gilet the perfect option for him. It ensures he is kept nice and cosy in the colder temperatures.

I'm pretty excited about Joules winter baby clothes, dare I even admit that I'm more excited about the children's clothes than my own?
If you have a wee babe and you're on the hunt for some really quality, stunning designs for the winter, do take a peek over at the Joules website and feast your eyes! There are some lovely pieces there for boys and girls...and oh boy, I could get very carried away!

If you would like to see what Jonah has been wearing, just follow these links.

Have a lovely day all,

Disclaimer: Whilst this post is a collaborative effort, all opinions expressed are representative of Bunty Living.


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