A Very Country Christmas

I've really been enjoying incorporating fresh spruce into the christmas decorations this year. Last year it just wasn't practical to do as we lived in a high rise apartment and, aside from the physical difficulty of getting a real tree in the lift and up to the apartment,  somehow I felt our old home wouldn't suit such a 'country Christmas' vibe. 

As a result, this year I have definitely felt tempted to go OTT with the decor! Whilst on the whole, I have managed to restrain myself from going completely crazy with it all, I have settled on having two pieces of swagging to sit above our radiator covers in our kitchen and hallway. They really help to create more of a 'flow' and most importantly, help to spread that wonderful Christmas tree fragrance all over the house!

The swagging is full of dried fruits, berries and pine cones which give a really lovely, traditional feel. I have also weaved some copper fairy lights into the branches to create a warm glow and make the piece more eye catching. I love that by 3pm when the natural light fades, these little twinkly lights come into their own and really brighten up our downstairs space!

Swagging has been around for such a long time as a traditional Christmas decoration and it's lovely that it is still used today to create a festive, celebratory feel within the home. I totally cheated this year and had mine made up, but with more time and organisation, I would love to be able to create my own (maybe next year!) 

My children are also really enjoying all the added fairy lights around the home and 'christmas trees' everywhere! We are starting to slow down now as Christmas approaches. With the house cleaned from top to bottom, I feel ready to switch off and enter into the spirit of the season properly.
Here's to a wonderful Christmas to all!
I'm off to read the story of the Nativity and take some time to really contemplate the next few days!



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