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There is something really nice about having a real, living plant in the home. I know I'm a bit of a bouquet junkie and I find it so hard to pass by the flower stand in a supermarket without picking out a bunch for the kitchen table. Unfortunately, cut flowers never last as long as we'd like them to and, whilst pausing to mull this over the other day, (ahem, in front of the flower stand) I decided to buy a little planter pot which would hopefully offer a more permanent solution.

This cheerful little planter was only £7 and at little over the price of a standard bunch of flowers, (in Tesco's) I figured it would be worth it if only to get more than a week out of it!
  I realise the bright pinks are totally unseasonal as we approach Christmas, but honestly, the little splash of colour this offers really helps to brighten the gloomy mornings we have been experiencing recently.

When I come downstairs on a dark and early morning, the first thing I normally do is to pop the kettle on and make a coffee. Seeing this little tub catching my eye with its popping, pinky hues has certainly been a cheerful start to my days!
 I could totally go back for another! (oops!)


What are your favourite house plants?

Love Bunty


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