Christmas dishes

Somehow, the final month of this year has crept up on us and here we are, beginning to prepare our homes for Christmas with all the anticipation and excitement this time of year brings. It's a wonderful time and I love how it naturally seems to bring out the best in us.

For me, decorating the home in advent is not only really fun but also a purposeful means to prepare for Christmas and everything it means to us. For our children, I suppose it's a very visual reminder that can get them thinking over the weeks about what is to come. For us, this goes beyond present giving and receiving. We want our children to really love and cherish the story of christmas, just as we have growing up and to really celebrate Christ's birth in their hearts too.

As primary home decorator, it's normally down to me to make the house look 'festive' and this year it's all the more exciting as this will be our first christmas morning in our own home. I'm really looking forward to gradually bringing in christmas decor and 'going to town' on making our home reflect the anticipation and excitement building up in our hearts. 

I found these star dishes in Wilkinsons recently and, at £4 each, I went back for more to have a matching set of silver and gold ones. These are such great decorative and practical accessories to have. They're perfect to use as bowls for nibbles, dips or other foods. Equally, they look lovely on display as candle holders, key dishes, or really anything!
I feel that the star shape makes a thoughtful little nod towards the nativity story and, at £4, they would also be perfect little Christmas present too! 

How are you preparing for Christmas?
Have you started decorating your homes yet?

Love Bunty


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