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Hello loves, I wanted to squeeze in a little beauty post before Christmas and so I thought I would mention two skincare products that have been making a real difference to my skin over the past few weeks.
When I stopped breastfeeding Jonah a few months back, the skin on my face kinda went a bit crazy. Having never suffered from acne in the past, I developed a permanent outbreak on my chin that just wouldn't budge and could hardly be covered even with makeup. 
I was also a lot more prone to blemishes and redness and quite honestly felt like my face was having a mid-life crisis come early! It seemed that no facial scrub, wash, cleanser or cream seemed to make any difference whatsoever and I was beginning to wonder if this was it now!
It seems such a silly thing in the grand scheme, but with everything going on at the time, feeling self-conscious about my face was one extra stress I didn't need. I pretty much quit wearing makeup in the last couple of weeks and just stripped back my face routine to the bare minimum in the hopes everything would settle down.

In a bit of a last ditch attempt, I decided to go back to the routine I had for my wedding. Honestly, I had completely forgotten how lovely Clarin's skincare products are! I practically begged the lady at the counter for everything she could offer and finally went home with their eye revive cream, the Hydraquench cream and the promise of a visible difference in the next few days.

The beauty flash eye revive cream is apparently an extremely popular product and a long time favourite with Clarin's customers. Created to tackle most eye area concerns, this all in one cream packs a punch for its small size! I began applying this twice a day and pretty instantly had good results. These days, my eyes are far less tired and puffy, especially in the mornings or with interrupted sleep. The formula is really soothing and gentle, basically it's everything you would look for in an eye cream! It also seems to last all day as when the evening comes I can feel it washing off my face- even if i've had a full face of makeup on that day. This really is a lovely product that I can see myself being quite attached to! 

The Hydraquench cream is hands down my favourite product of the two. It really feels like a burst of hydration on the skin whenever I wear it- I really love this stuff! Again, I use this twice a day and it totally banishes any feeling of tightness or irritability. What's more is that within the first week of using this, I noticed quite a significant improvement in my skin. Not only was it no longer feeling so dry and uncomfortable, but the blemishes were beginning to calm down and disappear. 

This is a really lovely product that seems to magically understand the needs of your skin and work to meet them. In the winter especially, this is the ideal facial cream to protect from the effects of the temperature. I've been so pleasantly surprised by my little pot and now I can't imagine not using it!

 Are any of you Clarins fans? What's your favourite product?



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