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Finding the right gifts for loved ones isn't always an easy task but it's certainly made a heck of a lot easier when you come by shops that excel at tapping into your own sense of creativity and drawing it out of you.
I know that's exactly how I felt when I made the happy discovery of Perfectly Lovely Interiors last month. Well, if the name alone doesn't hook you in, the goodies on offer in this gorgeous little online shop are sure to bring a smile to even Ebenezer Scrooge's face this Christmas!

It was such a pleasure chatting to Jen who runs Perfectly Lovely Interiors and it was inspiring to get to see her real enthusiasm for what she does. Jen's shop is very much a family run business with a strong incline towards pretty, shabby chic and french styled decorative accessories. 
She kindly gifted me this beautiful LED star light which I have been using all over our home. I think the usability of this star is one of it's best assets- my only problem is deciding where to keep it as I want one in every room! 

I think this is such a lovely idea for a gift this Christmas. Not only would it be suitable as a night light for little one's in a nursery, (We've had it in Noah's room and he loves it there!) but it's also very pretty just around the house as a decorative piece. I've been playing with ours quite a bit: setting it up in our hallway, moving it into the lounge and then through into the kitchen and I STILL can't decide where I like it best!

I feel this is the kind of decorative piece that can have so many variations and is extremely family friendly as a result. It looks just as lovely with the light off as it does switched on, and being battery operated, it's very easy to place wherever you want without having to linger near an electric socket! 

Carnival lights do seem to be all the rage this year. I know I've  noticed that you don't have to look far to see them in many shops. However, what I particularly like about this one is how neutral the wooden frame is and therefore, easy to place alongside various decor schemes. It doesn't clash and it's not too overbearing either. The glowing light the star emits is so gentle and I feel it makes our living space all the more cosy in these deep mid-winter evenings.

Are you a fan of the classic carnival light? 
You can find this star and plenty of other lovely gifts over at Perfectly Lovely Interiors
Perhaps a little pre-christmas treat for yourself? Go on...you know you deserve it!

Love Bunty

*This is a collaborative post. Whilst I was kindly gifted the product mentioned above, all opinions expressed are representative of Bunty Living*


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