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Hi lovelies, welcome to another week of Raising Those Rascals! If you're new to this campaign, then hello to you! Raising Those Rascals is all about promoting a supportive and friendly atmosphere in our social networks, where parents can share the highs and lows of their parenting journeys together. Sometimes we all need reminding that most of the images posted online are representative of the 'better moments' in our days. We don't normally post about the nitty gritty, the tantrums, the tears, the toddler drama, and the exhausted mama or daddy struggling to get to the end of the day. Raising Those Rascals is all about promoting authentic, real life and more importantly, recognising that sometimes as a parent, you just need to hear that you're in the same boat, (or ferry!) as most other parents out there!
 Mamas you are not alone!

We seem to have had a pretty full on week again. Today was particularly hectic, hence how late this post is getting online! (Sorry!) I turned my back for a second earlier and found Noah running around with our Sky viewing card and Jonah sampling some left over ash from the fireplace... I mean, I really couldn't make this stuff up!

But there have been some lovely moments this week which have made my heart dance with joy! In our home we celebrate Sinterklass which originates from the Netherlands. On the night of the fifth, the whole family leave a shoe out and if the children have been good all year, Sinterklass comes down the chimney and fills them with chocolates! It's such a lovely tradition and gets the whole family feeling Christmassy.

Another lovely moment was when we took the boys to pick up our christmas tree at the weekend. After taking a long while sizing up nearly every tree on offer, we settled on a fine 7 foot spruce. Noah was over the moon to see all the trees on offer and there was even a donkey in a wee stable that had both the boys grinning with fascination.
With this being Jonah's first Christmas, I'm especially looking forward to celebrating as a family and sharing with Jonah all the little traditions we hope to keep as a family.

As always, there have been some lovely additions to the hashtag this week. I've especially enjoyed seeing the littles get excited for Christmas and 'helping' with the decorating! Below are a few that really brought a smile to my face:

Photo credit: @emilycambrey

Photo credit: @life_with_oakley

Photo credit: @rachelwill87

Photo credit: @victoriastiehl

Thanks again to everyone for continuing to take part and making the hashtag a part of their Instagram! It's lovely to see new people getting involved each week and as always, it's so good to see all you lovely mamas supporting each other! Do keep spreading the word and inviting your friends to join in too. :)

Have a lovely rest of your week!

Love Bunty


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