Raising Those Rascals

Hello and welcome to this week’s Raising Those Rascals!

We spent this weekend in Devon at my parent’s home where some dear friends and family come down for an annual get together. It's become a yearly thing where we all meet up and it always feels as though no time has passed when we do. It was such a wonderful pre-christmas gathering and I feel extremely fortunate to have such amazing people in my life. 
 Naturally, Noah spent the whole time chasing at the heels of his three year old cousin- i’m pretty sure they were having just as much fun, if not more, than the adults!

 With everything going on, I feel like this week has managed to sneak by without my noticing. I’ve had a bit of time away from computer screens over the weekend and it’s been really nice to just live in the present without feeling the need to document each and every moment. 

Unfortunately, Jonah came down with a nasty cold, so I haven’t really been taking snaps of him this week. We’ve just been enjoying lots of sofa cuddles as he’s wanted to be attached to my hip- Poor sausage! I've gone in to check on him sleeping a few times and found his little chest rattling away with each breath. Thankfully, he seems to be turning the corner and it's not affecting his mood too much.

How's your week been? Are you all organised and ready for Christmas? Don't worry, I'm not either! :p But there is something quite nice about the mad rush at the end of Advent to have everything ready for the big day... I think so anyway!

I really loved flicking through the hashtag #RaisingThoseRascals on Instagram this week. All your lovely little ones seem to be preparing for Christmas and you can really sense all the anticipation and joy of the season. There's nothing quite like celebrating Christmas with little ones, is there?

I've included a few favourites from the week below, how cute are these?!

Photo credit: @emilycambrey

Photo credit: @aimee.flower

Photo credit: @the_mrs_ryder

Photo credit: @thewoodlandwife

Thanks again for continuing to take part and for spreading the word on #RaisingThosRascals. Every week our little community is growing and more mamas are joining in. I hope this continues to be a happy place for you to scroll through. Even though imagery on social media can be so idealistic, we are all about real life, real families and the moments that conjure real feelings and memories. I hope this continues to offer you a place where you can connect with other parents, where we can support each other in  raising those rascals alongside together!

Have a wonderful week all!

Love Bunty


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