Teaching Noah about Christmas

Recently, I've been on the hunt for quality children's books for Noah. Looking back, I really see how the time my parents invested in reading with us as pre-schoolers and in primary school really supported our development in literacy. In turn, I would really love to help my boys in getting off to a flying start with their reading, especially as it's so important for creating a foundation for education.

With Christmas soon upon us, I have been on the hunt for some nice, toddler friendly books to help illustrate the true meaning of Christmas. It's important for us that the boys learn why we celebrate feast days such as Christmas and Easter, and what they're really all about.

I happened to be chatting to my mum and sister about this recently when my sister kindly offered me the Bible she had used as a child. It's a really beautiful edition, filled with the most vibrant illustrations to accompany many well known Bible stories. It has also been edited specifically for very young readers, making it child friendly and easy to understand.
 I love that the Christmas story has been broken into key parts which emphasise the main events in a way that Noah will be able to grasp. The images really support the text and bring to life the stories before his eyes. 

Overall, I think this is going to be a great help for the boys to get to know their Bible and to understand the big celebrations throughout the year.

Can you believe how close Christmas is getting?!

Love Bunty


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