Wedding baubles!

Getting out our tree decorations this year filled me with the same excitement it always does. The memories of where and when we purchased each one came flooding back. I love that they bring back the joy we had of decorating our first ever tree as a married couple. I really hope most of our baubles will stay intact for years to come as they hold a lot of sentimental value. Having said that, glass and toddlers don't mix very well!

Two examples that are particularly special to me are these glass baubles that hold our order of service we had at our wedding and one of our wedding invitations in. Eddy’s mum made these for us the first year we were married and they are such lovely reminders of our wedding day. 
Just as an example, I think making your own tree decorations can be a really special way to remember events or memories in life. It's lovely to encapsulate a memory in a tangible form that can be re-lived each year.

 Have you ever made your own tree decorations?

Love Bunty


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