Wild and free

I think most parents of toddlers can agree that the outdoors provides the most wonderful setting to burn off energy in exploring the big, vast world around such little, inquisitive bodies.
 It seems that Noah's appetite for learning is unquenchable at the moment in that he can't help himself but explore firsthand anything that happens to catch his interest.

I sometimes catch myself pondering his little character and mind; the way he measures things in his head and creates fun and adventure from imaginative little games. He even coined a new term in our home recently 'Space Dragons' which has since become a great game for him and daddy to charge around in hot pursuit. 

I think what strikes me most is how much I am learning as a parent of such a busy little one. I can't keep Noah safe from everything, such as the seemingly endless knocks and bumps that come with having a boisterous little one. However, I can offer him an environment where he can channel his energy, where he can learn in, thrive in and get to grips with the world around him.

I've always felt there is something very wild and free about Noah. I don't really know where he gets it from, but his love of adventure brings so much life into our household and really helps us to hone in on that and encourage him.

He will always be my little adventurer!



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