2016 Resolutions

I know New Year’s resolutions aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. To be honest, I never used to really bother with them either. Sometimes it’s just the fear of not keeping to them past January that has prevented me from committing, and sometimes i've just not felt like jumping on the bandwagon! However, this year I’ve set myself some personal goals which which I thought I would share...

Be silly!-  I know that might sound an odd choice, but on reflection Eddy and I both felt that 2015 was quite a stressful year for us. Of course, there were some lovely elements such as staying with my family while house hunting. But it has still been quite full on, particularly with regards to forging forward with Eddy's business. We’ve spent many an evening getting to grips with all the rules and regulations and laying out strategies for the next year. It all sounds hideously boring, I know, but it has been pretty time consuming and, with a million risk factors in there, we’ve certainly felt as if we’ve been living on the edge for a while now! As a result, I feel that last year we didn’t make a great deal of time for fun, or to simply be silly! We call it being ‘seventeen and silly’ just as we used to be! Now and again, it’s so good to be reminded of how we were as teenagers, so carefree and relaxed. So, for 2016 we want to have a whole lot more fun! We’ve got a couple of trips in the pipeline and some new family hobbies to begin together. I’m looking forward to making more memories as a family and really making the most of the present time!

Date Nights!- As an add on to the above, we want to make date nights a bit more of a regular thing. Whether by going out for a meal or having a ‘no phones, no internet’ home date, we definitely would like to try to make it a weekly thing. Not only is it good for ourselves to individually have a break, but it’s such a good way to keep our marriage balanced and in check! For me, it gives me a break from domestic life to get to date my husband and for Eddy, it’s a good way to mentally get away from work and check in with me.

Fitness and wellbeing- One of my big goals for this year is to be fit and strong. For me, this isn’t about reaching a particular weight or dress size, it’s about making my body the best version it can be! Eddy and I know we would love to have more children and so, whilst I have the opportunity to, I want to make my body as fit and strong as I can…all in preparation! :p I worked out a lot between my pregnancies with Noah and Jonah and the difference it made to my pregnancy with Jonah was quite significant. Though I didn’t talk about it much at the time, I really felt a lot stronger in myself and more capable of coping with fatigue. In terms of all round wellbeing, working out is so important and I’m looking forward to pushing myself further this year.

Don’t stress over it! This is such a big one for me…and yes, I’ve already broken it! I am just one of those people who stresses about the small stuff…and I mean the really small, insignificant stuff! Normally this relates to household tasks like the cleaning and laundry. It’s always going to be there and sometimes I need to just get over an unhoovered floor and think, there’s always tomorrow! I also spend way too much time worrying about what everyone else’s opinion of me is and not enough time thinking about and being thankful for all the positive, amazing parts of my life. 

Read & Learn- A final resolution for this year is to delve into more books and learn! I graduated from Uni four years ago this summer and part of me still misses the academic challenge! I feel that mentally I need more stimulation to keep the cogs turning over and to keep my brain sharp! When you have a subject you're passionate about, this just becomes really engaging and fun, so I look forward to learning new things this year through books and not just the internet!

Those are my 'resolutions' for 2016, did you make any?



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